Permission granted for waste water treatment plant near Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

KILDARE County Council has granted planning permission for a municipal waste water plant near Kilcullen. Despite the objections of locals, the applicant, Paddy White, was granted permission to build the plant at Carrighill Lower and Ballyshannon.

The application was made on June 30, 2009 and granted on March 12 last. Objections and submissions from locals noted that there were other options to upgrade the plant in the village, that road access to the plant would be a traffic hazard, that a previous application at the same site, which included a similar plant had been refused for public health reasons.

They also felt that the plant was not required and that it was unclear who would own and manage the plant.

A previous planning application for an eco village of 137 houses, a school, creche and commercial units had been refused in 2007.

However, in his report, planner Damian Daly, while noting that Mr. White had been refused permission for an eco village, he made it clear that “a grant of permission in relation to the current proposal (of a waste water treatment plant), does not mean that permission will be granted for an eco village or any other housing application on the lands should such an application be lodged”.

At E65 per 24 square metres, levies of n1,560 will apply to the development.

Published Date: 24 March 2010

By Conor McHugh


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