Applications for Extension of Planning Permission now being Accepted in Kildare County Council

Under the new Planning and Development Act, 2010 provision has been made for applicants with an existing planning permission to extend that permission by up to 5 years (from the date the permission was due to expire).  New forms are available on the Kildare County Council website under the planning section in order to make an application. 

A lay person reading the application form however is likely to find it difficult to understand without a good knowledge of the Planning and Development Act 2010.  There are a number of criteria which must be satisfied before an application for extension will be considered favourably by the Council.  There has been some media comment about the need to demonstrate that there have been economic circumstances beyond the applicants control.  However it is important to realise that the applicant is also expected to demonstrate that no new planning policies or guidelines have been introduced which impact on the planning as granted and to establish if an Environmental Impact Assessment or Appropriate Assessment was required.  It is strongly advisable that you engage a qualified planning consultant in order to present your case in the best light to the planners, particulalry given the fact that failure to secure an extension will mean your planning permission lapsing. 

Applicants in Kildare should be aware that the new County Development Plan is due to be adopted in April 2011 and this will mean new policies being introduced.  It would therefore be important to consider if you should apply for an extension under the current Development Plan.



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