An Bord Pleanala Overturn Decision by Kildare County Council to Refuse Permission for Steel Portal Shed in Rural Area.

An Bord Pleanala have overturned a decision by Kildare County Council to refuse permission for a portal framed, metal clad building.  The Board also went against the recommendation of its inspector to uphold the Council’s refusal.

The shed was for the storage (125sq.m.) of tractor and trailer, horse box, motor vehicles, heating fuel and general domestic storage at Pluckerstown, Kilmeague, County Kildare.

The Council planner’s report noted that there have been 3-4 planning applications relating to retention of the shed, three of which have been refused.  The planning authority refused the development because it considered the development because of its mass, scale, bulk, use and external finish were considered to be out of character with the existing pattern of development in the area.

The Board however considered that having regard to the scale, nature and use of the storage unit within a rural area the development proposed for retention would not seriously injure the amenities of the area and would be acceptable in terms of visual impact on the surrounding area. They granted permission subject to additional screen planting.


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