Discount Store Refused Permission in Grounds of Kildare Hotel

An Bord Pleanála have upheld the decision of Kildare County Council to refuse permission for a discount store in the grounds of The Keadeen Hotel on the outskirts of Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  The applicant had sought permission for minor works to the hotel and grounds along with a new discount store.  The Board issued a split decision granting permission for the hotel works but refusing permission for the discount food store. 

There was one reason for refusal which focused on the proposed location of the discount foodstore outside the retail core of the town.  It was considered that this location would undermine the retail function of the town centre and would be contrary to the Retail Planning Guidelines for Planning Authorities, the policies in the Kildare County Development Plan the Newbridge Local Area Plan, 2003, which seek to channel retail development into the town centre where it would contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre and strengthen the retail function of the town. 

This decision is of interest given that many discount stores are located on the fringes of towns around the country.


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