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Kildare County Council refuse permission for stables and ancillary works at Ovidstown, Straffan, Co. Kildare

January 25, 2010

Kildare County Council refused permission for a development consisting of 17 stables, tack room, foaling stable and 24 hour foal watch unit (at first floor level), hay storage shed, new site entrance, new waste water treatment system, percolation area and associated site works at “The Paddocks”, Ovidstown, Straffan, Co.Kildare.  Permission was refused on the basis of:

  • deficiencies in the road network serving the area
  • high water table
  • exacerbation of haphazard/piecemeal development in the area

Rural Dwellings for persons working in the Kildare Bloodstock Industry

January 11, 2010

The current Kildare County Development Plan contains a list of categories which people must qualify under if they are to obtain planning permission to build a house in the rural parts of the county (i.e. Local Need Categories).  One of the categories (Category No.2) specifically relates to the bloodstock industry.  It states that

“Persons whose full time employment is in the bloodstock industry, forestry or horticulture and who can demonstrate a need to live in a rural area in the immediate vicinity of their employment in order to carry out their employment and that they have been engaged in this form of employment for a period of over five years.” (more…)

Are stables exempt from planning permission?

January 11, 2010

Schedule 2, Part 3 of The Planning Regulations, 2001 – 2006, deals with development which is exempt from planning in rural areas.  Class 6 is relevant in relation to stables:

 Works consisting of the provision of a roofed structure for the housing of cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, deer or rabbits, having a gross floor space not exceeding 200 square metres (whether or not by extension of an existing structure), and any ancillary provision for effluent storage.

As such in rural areas, stables (being a roofed structure for housing horses) are exempt from planning permission, so long as they do not exceed 200 square metres in size.

 There are however a number of Limitations and Conditions which relate to this exemption: (more…)