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Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility Granted Permission in Carbury, Co. Kildare

April 29, 2013

Bord Na Mona has received a 10 year planning permission from An Bord Pleanála under the Strategic Infrastructure Planning Act to construct a mechanical biological treatment facility on the site of the Drehid Waste Management Facility in Carbury, Co. Kildare.

The facility will have the capacity of 250,000 tonnes per annum of waste on a 29 hectare site. The waste will principally be municipal solid waste and forms an alternative to landfill. At present the landfill at the existing Drehid Waste Management Facility is permitted to dispose of a total of 360,000 tonnes per annum, reverting to 120,000 tonnes per annum in December 2013.

The conditions of the permission included the applicant providing “a sum of money” towards the cost of the provision of environmental improvement and recreational or community amenities in the locality. The identification of such projects shall be decided by the planning authority in consultation with the local community. The “sum of money” is left to be decided between the Council and the applicant.


An Bord Pleanala Annual Report 2011: Kildare’s Performance

October 16, 2012

The An Bord Pleanala Annual Report 2011 was published last week. It shows that 8% of all decisions made by Kildare County Council (including Naas and Athy) were appealed to the Bord. This compares with 3.4% in the case of Wexford (lowest) and 14.96% in the case of Dublin City (highest).

The Report shows that 33.9% of the Councils decisions were confirmed by the Board, 45.2% of the Councils decisions were varied and 21% of the Councils decisions were reversed by the Board.

Celbridge Appeal Dismissed by An Bord Pleanala

September 4, 2012

Although planning legislation allows for An Bord Pleanala to dismiss an appeal on the basis of it being vexatious or frivolous this is rarely invoked, largely because of the difficulty of proving such accusations.  However An Bord Pleanala recently dismissed an appeal relating to the retention of a front boundary wall and entrance gates as constructed at 224 Maynooth Road, Celbridge, Co. Kildare for this very reason.

An Bord Pleanala Overturn Decision by Kildare County Council to Refuse Permission for Steel Portal Shed in Rural Area.

September 4, 2012

An Bord Pleanala have overturned a decision by Kildare County Council to refuse permission for a portal framed, metal clad building.  The Board also went against the recommendation of its inspector to uphold the Council’s refusal.

The shed was for the storage (125sq.m.) of tractor and trailer, horse box, motor vehicles, heating fuel and general domestic storage at Pluckerstown, Kilmeague, County Kildare. (more…)

Proposed Sports Facilities at Newbridge College Appealed to An Bord Pleanala

September 28, 2011

The decision of Kildare County Council to grant permission to Newbridge College for construction of 1 no. all weather hockey pitch, 2 no. all weather training pitches and an all weather running track has been appealed to An Bord Pleanala.

An Bord Pleanala refuse permission for 50 dwellings in Prosperous, Co. Kildare

September 28, 2011

An Bord Pleanala has upheld the decision of Kildare County Council to refuse permission for 50 dwelling in Prosperous. The reasons for refusal related to capacity at Osberstown WWTP, deficiency in the sewage facilities/network and the impact on visual amenity.

An Bord Pleanala grant permission for new Tesco store in Kildare Town

April 1, 2011

An Bord Pleanala have upheld the decision of Kildare County Council to grant permission for a new convenience store in Kildare Town, along with some minor retail units.  The scheme was granted despite the fact that an Action Area Plan had not been adopted by the elected members as per the Kildare Town LAP.  The Bord instead relied on a plan prepared by the Planning Authority but which had no input from the public.  This is similar to the situation in Naas where Superquinn was granted permission again on the back of a plan prepared by the Planning Authority which had no public consultation.  The reliance on plans which have no public participation in terms of making decisions on planning applications brings into question the right of the public to be involved in determining development in their own respective locality; after all this right is enshrined in planning legislation and forms the cornerstone of most plans prepared by the Council.

An Bord Pleanala refuse permission for Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ballyshannon, Co. Kildare

August 18, 2010

Following two third party appeals, An Bord Pleanala have refused permission for a new 1000pe municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to include connection from existing public foul network, at Carrighill Lower and Ballyshannon, Kilcullen, County Kildare. The reasons for refusal related to concerns about the assimilative capacity of receiving waters and potentail flooding.

Proposed Development at Dowlings Public House in Prosperous Appealed

August 6, 2010

A first party and third party appeal have been lodged with An Bord Pleanala in relation to the proposed demolition of Dowlings public house, outbuildings and shop units and construction of a mixed-use building including 15 no. apartments and all associated site works at Old Main Street and New Main Street, Prosperous, Co. Kildare.

An Bord Pleanala Refuses 101 Houses in Donaghcumper, Celbridge, Co. Kildare

July 8, 2010
An Bord Pleanala has refused permission for 101 dwellings (originally 108) in Donaghcumper, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.  There were 9 appellants who appealed Kildare County Council’s decision to grant permission for the development.  The reasons for refusal are as follows:

1. The proposed development is located in the demesne associated with Donaghcumper House, a protected structure, and in close proximity to Castletown House and its historic grounds. It is an objective of the planning authority, as set out in the current Kildare County Development Plan, to prohibit development in gardens or landscapes which are deemed to be an important part of the setting of a protected structure. Having regard to the social and historic links between the demesnes of Donaghcumper, Castletown and Saint Wolstans, it is considered that, notwithstanding the residential zoning of the site, the proposed development, by reason of its nature and scale and the loss of historic parkland, would negatively impact on this designed landscape and would materially and adversely affect the character and setting of Castletown House, a protected structure of international importance, and Donaghcumper House itself. The proposed development would, therefore, contravene the provisions of the development plan, would seriously injure the amenities of the area and of property in the vicinity and would be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area. (more…)

An Board Pleanala overule recommendation from inspector to refuse permission for residential development in Allenwood, Co. Kildare

February 4, 2010

An Bord Pleanala has overruled the advice of their inspector to refuse permission for 84 dwellings and a creche in Allenwood South, Allenwood, Co. Kildare.  The inspector had recommended that the decision of Kildare County Council to grant permission should be overturned.  In deciding not to accept the Inspector’s recommendation to refuse permission, the Board considered that the housing layout proposed (which included substantial open space areas), and the density of development was acceptable and noted that the development offered an opportunity to consolidate the village and improve community facilities. The Board considered that an appropriate long term phasing arrangement could resolve some of the Inspector’s concerns regarding the scale of development and this could be achieved by means of condition. The Board granted a 10 year permission subject to 27 conditions. One of the conditions requires land to be donated for a school.

An Bord Pleanala Refuse Planning Permission for 31 Units in Craddockstown North, Naas, Co. Kildare

December 18, 2009

Twangbrook Ltd were refused permission by An Bord Pleanala for 31 dwellings on the basis that the proposed development would be premature by reference to the existing deficiencies in the provision of sewerage facilities and the period within which this constraint may reasonably be expected to cease.  The Board’s decision overturns that of Naas Town Council who had granted permission for the development.

Carton House Expansion Plan Rejected

December 4, 2009

AN BORD Pleanála has overturned the decision of Meath County Council to allow the construction of a business and technology park in the grounds of Carton House, one of Ireland’s most important Georgian mansions.

The joint venture between NUI Maynooth and Glashrooneen Ltd would “seriously injure the setting of Carton House” and would be contrary to the proper and sustainable development of the area, An Bord Pleanála said.

In its ruling An Bord Pleanála describes Carton House and its estate as “one of the most important elements of Ireland’s architectural, cultural and historic heritage” and as having “international significance”. (more…)

60 Bed Nursing Home Refused Planning in Broadford, Co. Kildare

November 9, 2009

Permission was refused by An Board Pleanala for a 60 bed nursing home in Braodford, Co. Kildare.  Patrick Byrne had lodged a first party appeal with the Board following a refusal by Kildare County Council.  The Board refused permission on the basis that the proposed development was in an isolated rural area on unzoned lands, contrary to Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area, a discordant feature in the landscape and prejudicial to public health given the lack of adequate water supply and wastewater disposal.

David Mulcahy, Town Planning Consultant

An Bord Pleanala Annual Report 2008: Facts about Planning Appeals in Kildare

October 22, 2009

The An Bord Pleanala Annual Report, 2008, was published recently.  It shows that 8.7% of all applications to Kildare County Council were appealed to the Board. A total of 40.6% of the Council’s decisions were confirmed by the Board, with 31.3% of decisions being reversed and  28.1% of decisions being varied.  The percentage of decisions being reversed by the Board is in line with the national average (32.6%).

Appeal Lodged – 68 houses & creche Allenwood, Co. Kildare

October 15, 2009

Kildare County Council

Construction of 68 no. houses, creche and all associated site works.

Case reference: PL09 .234864

Case type: Planning Appeal

Status: Case is due to be decided by 02-02-2010


  • Paul Carroll (Applicant)
  • Allenwood Community Group (Appellant) (Active)
  • Paul Carroll (Appellant) (Active)
  • 21/09/2009: Lodged

Source : An Bord Pleanala

An Bord Pleanala Refuses Permission for 87 dwellings in Clane

October 13, 2009

6th October 2009

An Bord Plenana overturned Kildare County Council’s decision to grant permission for 87 dwellings in Loughbollard Commons, Kilcock Road, Clane, County Kildare.  There were 3 reasons for refusal relating to deficincies in  sewerage facilities and flooding.  See link below for further details: