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Bio-Energy Facility Refused in Kerdiffstown, Naas, Co. Kildare

April 8, 2010

Kildare County Council have refused planning permission for a bio-energy facility in Kerdiffstown, Naas, Co.Kildare.  The development involved anaerobic digestion of waste to form biogas which could be used to generate electricity.  The application was refused for 6 reasons including materially contraveneing the zoning objective, endangering public safety by reason of traffic hazard, unsatisfactory consideration of alterantive sites as per EIA requirements,  visual impact and absence of an Odour Management Plan.


Huge opposition growing to plan for bioenergy electricity plant in Naas

March 10, 2010

RESIDENTS and politicians are lining up to oppose plans for a E12.5m bioenergy electricity-generating plant at Kerdiffstown, Naas, close to the M7 motorway, despite assurances they have nothing to worry about.

 M&M Coldstores, based at the Newbridge Industrial Estate, have applied for permission to construct the facility including two anaerobic digesters as well as up to a dozen storage tanks.

The application also embraces gas flares.

According to the company, the plant will be 500 metres from the nearest resident and the plant will provide green electricity for 20 per cent of the local population (4,000 houses) and provide hot water to local businesses.

A total of 15 permanent jobs will be provided immediately and 50 jobs after it is built.

Local councillors have been urging people to object to the application on the basis that animal carcasses and sewage would be processed at the plant to create energy. This was dismissed by the developer who said organic waste, generated by local businesses – essentially food and water byproducts – will be used.

Objections must be received by next Monday, March 15, and a decision is due on April 4.

Householders fear the plant will create smells and could pose a health risk for people living in the area as well as having implications for amenities, property prices and local business. (more…)