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New waste water treatment plant for Kildare Town gets the nod

March 18, 2010

The Dáil has rubberstamped funding for Kildare town’s new waste water treatment plant, which will cost over E20 million.

The news of the E17.6m funding came through last Friday from the Department of the Environment and has been greeted with delight in Kildare town.

Contractors EPS/SIAC, who won the tender competition run by Kildare County Council to construc the new plant, are expected to commence work shortly.

The long-awaited works will upgrade and expand the sewerage infrastructure in Kildare town. Local commentators said it will give an economic boost to the town. Economic growth and development has been stymied in Kildare town because planning permissions are conditional on the new treatment system coming online. (more…)


Rathcoffey Residents Appeal Foul Drainage Plans

January 19, 2010

A group describing themselves as members of the community in Rathcoffey have appealed Kildare County Council’s decision to grant permission for a waste water treatment plant and foul drainage network in Rathcoffey, Co. Kildare.  The applicants for this new infrastructure currently have two applications before the Council for residential development in Rathcoffey.

Developer offers to fund water treatment plant in Ballymore

January 4, 2010

Developers have offered to fund part of the cost of building the badly-needed Ballymore Eustace wastewater treatment plant.

Cova, a property management company representing developers with interests in the Kildare village, have offered to come up with E1.8 million of the total cost of building the plant, estimated at E3 million.

In a letter to Kildare County Council dated November 16, Cova offered to pay Kildare County Council’s portion of the cost of the plant. The rest of the money is due to be met by the Department of the Environment.

The offer has met with mixed reaction locally in Ballymore Eustace. (more…)