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Land rezoned against wishes of the County Manager

December 5, 2010

KILDARE County Council has voted to rezone industrial land near Tougher Business Park in the face of opposition from the County Manager.

Fine Gael Cllrs. Michael Nolan and Tony Lawler sought to zone 133 acres (54 hectares) of land adjoining the Tougher Business Park for industrial and warehousing.

On November 12, they asked councillors to reject a recommendation by the County Manager that the lands not be zoned.

But on November 18 last, following agreement to cut the amount of land to be rezoned for industry to 24 hectares, the Council voted 13-2 to rezone the land.

Two councillors, Murphy and McEvoy, opposed the motion and Labour members did not vote.

Senior officials advised against the proposal, including on the grounds that it could interfere with the possible route of a proposed major motorway.

They also said there were sufficient zoned lands in the county at the moment.

There is concern that the Minister for the Environment might ask the Council to revisit the plan if it breaches the regional and national guidelines by overzoning land


Kildare “does not have too much land for housing”

June 8, 2010

KILDARE County Council has denied that too much land has been rezoned for houses and apartments across the county.

According to recent Department of the Environment figures, Co Kildare has enough land set aside to create almost 38,000 residential units. However the number of units estimated to be needed is just 7,718.

Nationally, sufficient land has been zoned to build nearly 1.1 million homes yet projections indicate that only 300,000 new units are required between 2010 and 2016.

Kildare County Council spokesman Charlie Talbot disputed the figure adding “I don’t think we can agree with it”. He said that the council adheres to Draft Regional Planning Guidelines (DRPGs) which apply to the Greater Dublin Area between now and 2022.

“These targets take into account existing and potential vacancy levels and projected decline in households size over the time periods,” said Mr. Talbot. (more…)

An Bord Pleanala grant permission for mixed-use development at Corscaddens Hotel, Kilcock, Co. Kildare

March 26, 2010

An Bord Pleanala have upheld the decision of Kildare County Council to grant permission for large-scale works at Corscaddens Hotel, Church Street, Kilcock (protected structure).  The proposed mixed use development consisted of bar, lounge, function room, restaurant, conference and meeting rooms and kitchens and creche and 84no. residential units.  In deciding not to accept the inspector’s recommendation to refuse permission the Board had regard to the revised proposals submitted by the developer, did not agree that the proposed development was introverted, and considered having regard to the town centre zoning of the site, its proximity to Kilcock railway station and the reduction in residential units in the revised proposal, that car parking provision on site was acceptable.

Amenity zoning mooted for land in Johnstown

December 4, 2009

KILDARE county councillors have been advised of difficulties in fast tracking plans to zone land in Johnstown village for amenity purposes.

The land, the site of the old Johnstown Garden Centre, is now owned by the National Roads Authority, which had it during its upgrading work on the M7 motorway.

Cllr. Paddy McNamara told Monday’s Kildare County Council meeting that the Naas area cmmittee wanted the Johnstown Local Area Plan varied or amended to re-zone the land.

Local people want it to be an amenity area, said Cllr. McNamara.

The land, which was flooded this week, could be sold it is feared as it zoned currently for commercial purposes. (more…)